Lifting Latex Paint Stain from Carpet

Carpet Cleaning

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Most people would be right to point out that ninety nine precent of all paint stains never, ever come out. Indeed paint is hard to remove, after all that’s its purpose. Latex paint spills and spots are quite common, especially if you did one of those DIY redecoration projects.

Water based paint can actually be removed from the carpet, as long as the timing and method are correct. In all instances, speedy action is the make or break aspect of the stain removal process. Once the paint has dried up, then you are better off replacing the affected section of the carpet.

Here is a three-step latex paint removal scheme that works well on both natural and synthetic fibre carpets:

STEP 1 – Sponging the stain with cold water

-use a regular sponge to blot out as much paint as possible from the stained area;

-optionally, you can use an absorbent dry cloth;

-now soak the sponge in cold water, wring it and continue blotting the leftover paint;

Blotting paint is a meticulous, even painstaking process so be patient and take your time, it is for the best. When you decide that you have blotted as much paint as possible, move on to step two, explained below.

STEP 2 – Application of Soap or Paint Remover

Carpet Cleaningmix one cup of lukewarm water with a teaspoon of dishwashing detergent;

use a mild detergent in order to avoid damage to the carpet, paint will come off even when using a mild detergent;

-soak a sponge in the solution and dab away at the stain, remember to blot NOT rub;

-continue blotting until the paint has completely disappeared;

Alternatively, you can purchase a specially formulated latex paint remover which will definitely do the trick, keep in mind though that these chemicals are quite potent and will require you to use gloves, even goggles and a face mask.

STEP 3 – Soaking the Stain

Soaking the stain is a method used to lift larger amounts of latex paint from the carpet. This technique will only work if the stain is still wet. STEP 3 will require you to use an industrial grade wet/dry vacuum cleaner.

-while the stain is still wet, pour a large amount of fresh water over the stain; latex is a water based paint system so it will dilute.

-get someone to help you with pouring the water, or doing the vacuuming.

-pour water and vacuum the diluted paint as many times as necessary, in due time you will get the required results.