Keeping your carpet Clean

What all carpets have in common is the fact that you need to keep them clean somehow. Regardless of the fabric or the material that they are made of they all require some maintenance. You need to do your best as cleaning your carpet just isn’t the same as wiping your tiles or other sort of hard floor. Let’s assume you know your carpet well and that you have already realised what shouldn’t be done to it. A few special tips by the experts at.

The most common method of cleaning your carpet is by vacuuming it. This type of maintenance should be done regularly even when there’s nothing wrong visibly with the carpet. Most rugs have a great function – they keep your air cleaner. This is achieved by them trapping dust in the fabric. But of course that goes to show you that you will need to regularly vacuum it. Especially if you live in a city the dust levels will always be greater and thus your rugs will require a little more attention. You should gently vacuum them without scratching the surface with the plastic pieces of the vacuum cleaner. Sometimes you might have to be more persistent and push a little in case there is some dirt that is entangled in there but again – be very cautious not to ruin your carpet.

Accidental spills require quick reactions. These events can be treated as emergencies and you need to act swiftly and yet again with great care. You should apply some soap water to a soft cloth and rub gently. If there is a lot of liquid trapped on the surface then you can also use a spoon or a sponge to gather the majority of the material before proceeding to wiping. While there are detergents that might help you should be absolutely sure you got the right stuff before putting it on your carpet.

This takes us to the third point – hiring professional help. People who are in this business know what to use on all sorts of carpets and the solutions that they use are usually different than the ones that you can buy from the supermarket. Also they know exactly how to tackle the issues and will preserve the fabric.

Beating your rug shouldn’t be overlooked too. Even though we have very advanced vacuum cleaners nowadays taking your carpet out and hanging it on a piece of iron is also useful. While the act of beating doesn’t suggest a lot of caution you still should approach this matter carefully by first inspecting your beater for some pieces of plastic or iron that are hanging. This might ravage your carpet and you perhaps don’t want that.

Lastly you can simply try to keep dirt out of the room in general. There has to be some control over mud tracking. People should take shoes off at the door and kids should be watched over as well.

Deciding if the room is close to a door leading out or maybe a bathroom also plays a role on what might fall on the fabric.